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She needs space?


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A few weeks ago I was seeing someone and got a little too emotionally invested which I shouldn't have. she cut it short with me and I was upset. So i texted her something which angered her a little and after that it started this whole no contact thing on her part. during the time she didn't talk to me, i thought she was punishing for what i had said to her so i tried calling her and texting her apologizing. i did that many times including one time when i was high. Now that I look back I shouldn't have contacted her during the NC period.


Today I called her from my grandma's place (where I'm staying currently) and she picked up and we talked. She told me she's already moved past what i said initially, but is more upset and disappointed at the contact afterwards. she said i couldn't make up my mind about what I was saying and seemed to blame things on other things other then myself - and it seemed like i was a kid, or didn't know how to deal with this type of situation.


she's right, as its never happened to me before. so I don't know how to deal with it.


bottomline she said, not to force the contact back. she's basically not talking to me for a reason and to just naturally let it come about. she feels that i've been trying to force her to talk again and she's not ready. i asked if we could remain as friends and she could not answer as she wasn't ready.


Sorry for this being so long, but any advice what to do, not to do?

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SHe was pissed off wth what you said, you pushed the situation by continuing to apologize which made things worse.


I do not know what the dispute was all about.


She maybe wanting out of getting any closer than friends and may want to gain the time and attention of someone else causing her to be in favor of this space thing so she gets to know someone else she may know that you do or do not know about allowing her to gauge how she is to respond to you after this situation. ( this is just an assumption as I do not know the full situation).


Sometimes we even nail a flaw that they know of in themselves on the head which makes them react quite strongly to the point that they refuse to keep contact with you and o not state clearly why they have reacted this way besides blaming it all on you.(again assumption)

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