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I get off of work in 20 minutes and it's Halloween! Well, my friend wanted to do something tonight. I asked her if she wanted to go out/downtown and possibly dress up, have fun etc and she just said, " Um...what's the point? It's only going to be you and I going."




I think I'm fun! I can have fun without a guy around or a ton of people


I've had my feelings hurt. Perhaps we both have different ideas of what is "fun."


I guess she can't have fun with just me...?

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I don't think that was a slight against you so much as her saying "I don't have a boyfriend...wah."


Awww lol. But can't people have fun without their boyfriends around? My boyfriend is in the army and I won't be seeing him for the next two weeks! He has to camp in the woods poor thing. I just don't understand how people mope around like this when their is a whole world out there!

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