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I'm going to lose it! I love this woman!


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Over the course of the past month and a half, I have encountered and began conversing with quite possibly the most wonderful woman I have ever met.


She compliments me along multiple lines:


1) We enjoy literature

2) We have a general disregard for authority

3) Yet we still value education



We've had some pretty laid back conversations, wherein we've revealed things about ourselves. She was sharing tales from her previous relationship, the challenges she experiences with math, etc.


She was drawing a cheat sheet on her hand prior to the exam we had in the class

I couldn't contain myself, and just cracked up. I told her I had essentially passed all my math classes by doing the same thing (i.e. the conversations about math). The conversation wandered off, and I concluded it by telling her that if she was really worried she shouldn't hesitate to glance over at my table, I didn't really mind, and told her I'd done my share of cheating over the years.


Needless to say, I'm losing my goddamn mind over this woman...and I don't even know her name.


If I even began to tell you how much of a massive effect this woman has had upon me over the course of the past month...you would * * * * yourself laughing--The operations of the human mind are a great mystery indeed.


My speculations as to why I'm so damn obsessed with her, would contain no more ground than yours. The only reasonable explanation I can raise is that I'm pretty fu.ckin' lonely right now and this woman is both stunning in appearance, and still possess wit, she is the epitome of the sort of person with whom I would want to spend my life--Someone who has a very open mind, with whom I could have both a decent conversation, yet also a wonderful time.


My only problem is, I don't know whether she likes me, and in addition to this, I can't seem to rally my nerves together to speak to her effectively. I sound far too fu.cking intelligent. I'm not!


I just realized, I've spent my entire goddamn life trying to convince people that I'm not as intelligent as I appear!

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Well, I've been speaking to her regularly since then, and she has been speaking with me very comfortably, probably more comfortably than I am speaking with her. I'm wondering, when should I tell her that I like her? Or....I'm so ignorant about this process, should I ask her out on a date, or tell her that I like her and ask her out on a date, or just tell her that I like her? I mean, if she liked me, she would know by now, right?

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