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Bimean or ragdoll cat


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I've been thinking of getting a cat for a long time and have to say I love Birmeans an Ragdoll-cats! Does anyone have any experience on it. Which one is best suited to be an indoor-cat (I live in the city). Which is most adaptable to new environments? Which is the friendliest? Any pros or cons?


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Both Ragdolls and Birmans are good for indoor. Ragdolls are more on the lazy side and since you want it to be an indoor-cat it won't get much exercise anyway and so it can gain weight quite easily. Since Birmans are social, you don't want it to be alone for longer periods. So if you decide for a Birman then you should consider getting two. Both are very friendly. Also both are overall healthy breeds but you may want to check it up anyway.

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