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HS Senior and the Good Ol' Coffee Date

Matt Johannes

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Ok I am a senior in high school and have known this girl for three plus years. The school i go to is really small, like 50 people in the graduating class small. The problem with dating here is everyone knows everyone and we are all friends. I have never asked any girl out from school before because of this stupid fear of being rejected and everyone at school knowing about it, trust me everyone would know and i really dont like too many of them anyway so it would make school a hell for me. It seems like a lot of them are out to get me in the first place anyway. Back to the girl, we get along really well so far and i have txt her a few times and i am finally working up the courage to ask her out on a small date, coffee or smoothies or something. We seem to get along, we kind of flirt back and forth, make eye contact when speaking ect... the problem is that she seems to talk to several guys a lot more than me (I only have one class with her). Do you guys have any feedback, advice?I am pretty sure i am going to ask her sometime either this week or early next week. Thanks for your help!

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Just ask her.


It doesn't matter that everyone knows, at least you had the guts to ask, you know? No one can really fault you for that. And if they do, to hell with them. That's the last thing I'd be worried about if I were you.


If you get rejected, don't worry about it. Honestly, she's not the only woman in the world. Don't create imaginary situations in your head. Be conscious of how your appear and act. Don't appear outwardly nervous.


Get everything squared away in your head. No woman is perfect. There's always at least one thing about them that you won't like. It sounds negative, but it's true. Everybody has their faults.

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