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some questions i need answers too really bad!


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I have some questions about living together with my fiancee that I hope people can give answers to as viewing this topic from 3rd person's point of view.


I live in the central city and I'm planing on moving, since I'm young, and so is my fiancee. (im 21, she is 19)


My problems is, that since, I live alone atm, and in the capital, i want to move to a side city located 15KM away from where I live, Although I'm old enough to make my own decisions, my family bought my apartment (where atm I live in) and now they're planning on selling it, and moving me to another place in the center, But I'm against it, since i want to go to my finacee's city and live there where we have already picked out an apartment we would like to live in.


The problem with that is, that my Mom offends me from moving to there, instead of center, But since I have been together with The Love Of my life, I concider moving to that place instead.

How can I convince my family to buying an apartment at the Side-City instead of the Center?


I would really like to live at the Side City and start my life over there with my fiancee instead of being picked every week by my stepfather who comes to my place and keeps handing me pointers on what to do at m apartment..


Many of you people are currently thinking: Why on earth won't you just invite her to live with you?

Answer to that is simple: She's preagnant, my apartment is small but costs lots of money (about 60 000$ cuz it's really in the center of the city), the other apartment costs half of that money and will leave me some money to get furniture and pay my bills for some time and food would be in the fridge aswell.

So yeah, moving there will not only save money, but will damage my realtionship with my family cuz they think that my fiancee is giving me orders how to live my life and just stomping over me.



PS!, I know how to deal with money and how to get my life organized, I have been together with another girl for 2 years until last year i broke up with her, so I know how to maintain a life together with this relationship, People learn from mistakes, don't they?


so any answers would be really appriciated



best regards,


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You can't convince your family where to buy property, that's their investment and their decision. What you can do is move to the city you've planned on, and if family gets upset enough about you paying rent to another landlord to live there, they can decide on their own whether to buy there or not.


No disrespect intended toward you family, but you just need to live your life.

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If you don't want to live where they tell you to live, you have to be willing to pay for what you DO want. Are you in university? If not, maybe you should consider it. You can probably get help, especially if your gf (hopefully wife!) is pregnant, for your schooling. And that way you can prepare a better future for your baby with a degree and a higher paying job.

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