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Breakups: Don't they ruin your holidays?

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Father's Day today. We were together for last Father's Day and I remember we went out to get our fathers' gifts together. It was the same with Mother's day, when he asked me to pick out what to get for his mother after I showed him what I got for mine. It makes me want to know what he got for his Dad this time, and it kind of hurts to acknowledge that it's not the same this year. Did anyone help him pick out the gift this year? Does he remember who was there with him last year to help him choose? I can only hope.


Independence day, Memorial day, Veterans' day, Valentine's day, Christmas, New Year's, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and so on. I remember with my first boyfriend, it took a new boyfriend (and a year) to make new memories with the holidays. They're always difficult to get through after a breakup. Today is just one of those days that makes me look back on the past Fathers' day, and man does it make me sad. It's a happy one too because I get to be around family so I guess it's bittersweet.


Share if you're on the same boat. If you are, I know how you feel! ](*,)

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