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Wat shoud I do??!! Should I jux wait or give up on her?

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Ok firsti just wanna tell u guys the things that she had done to me. We never talk to each other though but had same class together.

1. Made out wit her bf about 10 foot steps away from me. Had her eyes open when she kisses him n look at me.

2. Passing period in school, she suddendly stop her bf in the hallway jux cux she saw me n start kissing him passionately.

3 pretending like she's sleeping and had her long hair cover her face but her eyes was open widely looking at me.

4. Pretending to look at herself in the mirror but I could see her eyes looking at Me thru the mirror.

5. Suddenly she look all mad when I had a bf

6. Always turn around to look at me n always smile at me. Or looking at me when I'm not looking.


We never spoke a word to each other for 5 yrs now, but jux a few days ago I started to talk to her thru chatting, she was really nice n tryna be funny, asking if my work is hiring n she might apply there. But wat confused me the most is dat when I txted her the way she replied me is like oh yeah thank u! "mk!" "yeah maybe!" but when I told her about her friends talking * * * * bout me she asked what dey said? n she told me that she's pretty shy too she dnt talk to ppl first she wait for dem to talk to her first.... she had a bf now... Idk if she still feel the same or she just doesnt wana show it or she never had those feelings for me? Then why giving me those wrong signals for?! This is killing me!!! Pls help!! I'm really stressed out rigght now

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I looked into my crystal ball and saw the solution to your struggles!.. You went and talked to her honestly and openly about everything that bothered you and found out that she... then it got all hazy and stuff. True story.


So, I guess you have to now follow what I saw, and go and talk to her honestly and openly about everything that bothers you to find out that she..... you find out for yourself.

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