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i need help... don't know how to move forward in my relationship :(


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So me and my boyfriend have been dating a year now.


The love is unmatched. We trust eachother, love eachother, have chemistry, are best friends, we are SOULMATES in so many ways.


But as we get more and more serious, and are starting to think about seeing where this could go in the future, all our differences seem to be becoming more and more prominent and causing more and more fights. i think when it was just casual these weren't as big of an issue, but now that we're looking at eachother trying to see how we could mesh together in the long run, well we have a lot of differences: lifestyle and age (i am 23, he is 43), mostly. And all of a sudden these differences are just CLASHING and we keep fighting!


I don't know what to do. Neither does he. We love eachother more than words can say, and aren't ready to let go of this relationship. But we know we have a lot of differences that will be very hard to move past in the long run, and we seem to keep having the same fight over and over and not learning or changing from it.


Is it worth fighting for? I want to. But I'm terrified of continuing down the same path of relationship destruction and ending up hating eachother. we're both very set in our ways; i'm not sure that even if we try, anything will change... It's just that when it's good it's SOOO GOOD AND I WANT TO MARRY THIS MAN... and vice versa... but in an instant something comes between the good and our differences come out again.


Advice????? Ask ANY questions that may help. I'll be awake for a while; I need help! Love vs. Reality?

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