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books on being a single parent or father


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I am a single Dad (some input from mum though) with a 7 year old son. Generally my son is great, he's bright, healthy and smart. Sometimes though, when he's naughty, I start wondering if I am doing this right or if there's a lot of room for improvement.


1) What is the general feeling on reading books on parenting? Useful or not?


2) Any recommendations on books on being a Dad (as a single parent even better)

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Single dads rock!


All parents question how to handle bad behavior but bad behavior is part of growing up. Kids want to know what their boundaries are but will always test them to see if you are paying attention.


Sal Severe was a favorite parenting author of mine... I believe his book was called How to Behave so Your Children Will Too...


I think reading is great - the more information you equip yourself with the better parent you can be! My approach is not always focusing on what the children are doing wrong but going out of my way to point out the behavoirs they excel at. If you are always telling your kid they are doing it wrong/bad they may just simply struggle with knowing what is correct. I like to make sure my kids know when they've done a good job in behaving well and reward that rather than always punishing for bad.

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I agree, you can't expect to be a perfect parent every time. I kind of see parenting much like growing a plant. Give the child the best environment and tools for them to grow into a healthy and responsible adult.


At the same time if you are worried then you're probably already doing a good job as a parent Good parents worry...

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It was easier when I was with his mum and when he was going through a difficult phase we could talk about it together. It was shared responsibility, bouncing ideas off each other etc.


Anyway, I think I could use some books. I have put it off until now because I mentioned this to a friend in the past and they said "a book is just 1 persons opinion, you can't learn how to be a parent from a book". But I think if I read one or two, it may give some practical tips, and some perspective.


I want to be an extra good parent and compensate as much as possible for him growing up in a broken home

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I actually started reading bits & pieces of information on Alfie Kohn who believes in constructivism when it comes to teaching children. I like the theory a lot; haven't read the book yet but his videos on YouTube and other resources aimed at using the theory seems to be popular with teachers and parents.


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