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Does anyone have an I-book or any electronic book? Ive been looking into buying one and wanted to know what everyone thinks of them.


Are they akward to hold?

How much does a book cost?

Is there a club you can join?

Do you find the books your looking for?

How long does the batteries last?

Does it have a glare?


Just in general how you like yours and if youve regretted making the purchase?

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I received the Sony Reader last Christmas as gift.

And to be honest, I have barely used it.

I tried reading a book on it, and it didn't take long for my eyes to become strained, sore, and red.


For me, I love holding a book. Half the appeal for me is covers, and writing and all that.


I generally download books from websites where we also download our movies, so it is free...but don't necessarily carry the titles I want.


I like the concept..but I'll gladly grab a real book before grabbing the reader. In fact, I have no idea where my reader is currently.

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I use my iphone as an ebook reader, and that was the main reason I initially bought it. i like it because pretty much every ebook provider has an iphone app, so you can get books anywhere. I've got kindle, barnes and noble, stanza, ibook, and borders on it. I love it. The font can adjust to whatever size, its always with me, and I don't have to lug around big books. Most, but not all, books I've wanted have been available in ebook format. The ereader apps are free, and most of the classics are free.


My brother finds the iphone too small for him; he has the sony reader and uses it almost exclusively. We're both avid readers, and in our discussions I'd say the main advantage we've both found is the ability to carry lots of "books" around in one compact device. it's very handy if you're someone who, like us, has a tendency to read several books at once.

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I have the 1st generation kindle, but I barely use it.


I dl-ed ebooks online for free as well. Some of them are in pdf file's so I would have to convert them into files that the kindle accept.


The downside about this kindle is that it doesn't have a backlight. Other than that, it's an alright product. I'll probably try to use it more when I go on vacation and see how it works. I like the idea of having several books in one unit, so I don't have carry a lot of books.

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Thanks all, Im going to keep researching. Maybe I can find someone who has it and borrow it for a couple of days.


I guess my next question would be do you have to hold it at a certain angle?


I love to read, never go anywhere without a book. I jump authors, I will find a author I like and just read about everything theyve ever written. So this would be nice with searching and hunting.


Thanks again.

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Mine isn't backlit either, and the cover I purchased for it has a spot to attach a little lamp in it that pops up so you can read anywhere. That was one of my least favourite things, since I like to read in bed with the bedside lamp at night, I found I had to be close to the lamp to get lighting on the reader without a glare.

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I have an iPod touch but I barely read ebooks on it simply because my eyes feel very uncomfortable after reading several minutes on it, getting strained and dry. If you are into reading ebooks, I would suggest buying an ipad and you can download iBook app that allows you to download free ebooks in the app store.

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