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Moving day...


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The station wagon was packed full of our belongings, we were moving.


The night before we were parked at a laundramat and some kids broke out the passenger window with a stray baseball.


We were leaving early the next morning and didn't have time to get it fixed.


My father duct-taped some clear plastic in place of the window and off we went.


The plastic rattled like hell as we motored down the freeway, Kitty was freaked out and wouldn't come out from under the back seat.


"Poor Kitty! Kitty's scared."


I figured I would hold her and pet her, my poor kitty needed some comforting.


That darn cat peed all over me!


And it was not watered down pee either, it was stressed-out female cat, ammonia pee.


I looked over at my father who was trying not to laugh.


I guess he knew if he started laughing I would start crying.


There I sat in my underwear, stinging with "diaper" rash and listening to that plastic flap in the wind.


It was 140 miles to the Stucky's restaurant where I could get cleaned up, but somehow I would endure.



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Sorry to read about the car window...that's terrible!


And, also about your poor kitty, is she okay now?!


lol though, this story does remind me of a time when i went to visit one of my friends (a guy) and he was going to stay at his parents a few days (they don't live far from me) so his mum said she could drop me home on the way to their place. So my friend of course takes his cat but had the cat sitting on him in the front seat because he thought he'd (the cat) like some TLC and his cat did EXACTLY the same thing, the poor guy was highly embarrassed but i don't think too much as we are just friends but still, was kinda funny seeing him say to the cat "oh buddy, look what you've done to Daddy!" (he was being serious but funny too!)


i have two cats and you've just gotta love them!


God Bless!

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Poor kitty lol


Kitty was one of those sleek black cats... too hip for people.


She had a litter, Buddy was the best of her offspring.


("Kitty", "Buddy"? I was a regular Hemmingway when it came to naming cats I know. )


Buddy was a people cat, you could pet him, and unlike Kitty he looked like he actually enjoyed it.


Kitty was more likely to stare at you obligingly, but coldly. Then she would clean herself furiously on the spot you petted as though you had soiled her.


Kitty was not a people cat, Kitty was more "aloof".



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HAHAHA! At least I am not the only one! (


That's something any pet owner must learn, some pets don't dig the car.


They think their time is up and you are going to hand them back to the pound where you got them.


The warranty is up. It's checkout time at the Thx motel.


Another cat of ours... (This was only about a year before Kitty and I had our Kodak moment.) We adopted a stray I named Charley. (Kitty, Buddy, Charley...? Why not Sebastian or Horatio?)


Anyway, he came to our porch a few nights and we fed him. He didn't have a tag, and we didn't see any notices in the paper.


But we did take him to get his shots and license...


He wrode pretty well, I just held on to him firmly.


The vets were only a short drive away, so I didn't get too scratched up.




He bolted... right in front of the vets. Never got him in there and never saw him again.


My father was just glad we hadn't paid for his shots first.



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