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u can do it but i dont like it


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alrighht im just gonna post this. my gf is gonna hang out with her ex's best friend tonight. im not one to be jealous. i mean she can have guy friends, i really dont care she does have a lot of em but it doesnt bother me. but i dont have a good feelin about this guy. yeah call me paranoid or whatever u want but this guys mannerisms make me a lil uncomfortable. he texts her late, its like ok yeah u wanna hang out why are you texting her so late? why cant it wait till morning of afternoon. there hangin out tonite, what does he wanna do, oh have a jacuzzi night with her and his friends. makes me wonder if hes got an ulterior motive. im supportive of her seeing him, she doesnt have a clue i dont like her doing this. but i dont like it and u know what i dont have to. ill keep it to myself. i know im most likely reading too much into it, but i still dont like it..........

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