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How can/should I help?


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My cousin had been planning his trip to go overseas for ages. He was away for 2 months. He cut his trip early and missed out going to all these wonderful places for his girlfriend. She was completely supportive of him going.


He came back a few days ago and he told me that 1 week ago she had broken up with him (over the phone). She told him she wanted to 'experience life, become independent, etc'...I don't know why she couldn't have waited 1 WEEK to either (a) break up with him on person or (b) see if that is what she really wanted. It was a huge surprise for me considering I saw her alot while my cousin was gone, she kept saying how she couldn't wait for him to come back.


My cousin changed her life...As he is highly educated, he encouraged her to go to university, helped her find out who her true friends are and helped her through a family crisis. So she keeps telling me how my cousin is the best thing that happened to her and vice versa.


I am very close to my cousin, we are more like brother and sister. My heart goes out to him as they were going out for almost 2 years...I must admit, I have absolutely no idea how to help, and I would like to. Before I knew they had broken up I asked him if he has seen her yet, and he just said he didn't care and seems to get angry everytime someone mentions her.


So my questions are; how can I show my support or how can I help in any way? My plan was to ask him to come over and playplaystation, or go out to the city...Well kind of like distract him and do things he likes doing? He doesn't want to go out with his friends (his friends are the extremely jealous type and would be happy if he told them in my opinion) and his brother has no idea what to do either?


So please any suggestions?

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I'm sorry that your cousin is going through this.. breaking up is never easy but it's great that you're thinking of ways to help him! I think you're on the right track with wanting to take him out to distract him but if he doesn't want to go out, sometimes the best thing is to just be good company. It's always easier when you have someone there for you and that's just what he needs. Being alone during a time like this is never healthy so just be there for him and if he wants to go out then great! and if not, then just sit by his side.

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