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Dusty Silverware


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These patterns of little value scream for attention

They'll go unheard and through the windows life will play in gray scale

I remember the vibrant days when we were walking the spectrum together


Shy and without a voice, I learned to speak much to late

Talking to stars and begging for signs

Wishing we could go back in time


Ever dreaming of waking

With you the only one I see

But the morning is so discouraging

Spending days in bed with no regard for progress

Beyond these sheets is nothing of interest


It's all come and gone

Every opportunity, every chance

Lost by little more than a nervous stance


Our friends backyard in fall left much to be said

When you asked what I was thinking

I swear my heart was already sinking


That fountain was so far from the truth

Why didn't I say my thoughts were about you


Five years have gone

Still I remember like it were yesterday

Your smile in that endearing way

You etched a place in my heart

And it's here to stay


Left to memory

I hope you can recall me

And not a featureless blur

With no Identity

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