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I knew it would happen!

Le MX5

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The same girl that confused the hell out of me a couple months ago (see past threads), turn out, she likes my best friend! After freakin' weeks of leading me on to think she liked me back, she tells my friend she likes him and that me and her would only ever be friends (so much for that, that ain't happenin'). I'm pretty sure she thought I wouldn't find out, but good freakin' thing by friend tells me everything.


He doesn't like her back though. Went NC, it's been a week, barely thought about her, probably gonna continue NC until she realizes that I'm done with her.


Anyways, in my "rage", I wrote this song (filled with profanity, lol):

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Never go into a relationship expecting it to work out, reality is that a girl can pack her bags and leave anyday,therefore you need to have a life of your own to fall back on. A good relationship is about loving eachother, but being able for both to do their own thing. You can love a person but you can not hold them as your prisoner.


Remember these things well, Im saying them because you will encounter them in the future.


You only can control yourself, you do not have control over the girl. And it indeed feels horrible that you cannot get this particular girl. But then again you can't always get what you want in life, and there's more fishes in the sea, even better girls then her out there. So don't go crying over her, its better to move on as quickly as possible and find yourself a new gf.

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