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How can you tell the difference between a crush and actual love?


I can't get someone out of my head, I always think about her, imagine hugging her (hugging over sex, surprisingly). I feel nervous around her, although I'm pretty calm and can retain my composure. I haven't really felt like this about a girl before.


Anyway, I know it's not exactly easy, but can someone describe how it feels to be in love?

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You're "falling" in love, or having a big crush (same thing). What you're feeling is a feeling. LOVE is not a feeling...it's a choice you make after you've known a person, seen all they are and aren't, and decide you're going to choose to love them even on the days when you dont' really feel like it. This can only come after time...after the falling in love feeling has faded.


But, the falling in love feeling is fun. Ask her out. Just try really hard to not care whether she says yes or no. And whatever you do, don't tell her how you feel.

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Love is calm. It's not the excitment, ther nervousness, the unknown.

Its a strong, silent connection inside of you.


A crush is the excitment of the unknown..the imagining, creating a desire or image of that person in your mind.


Love comes after all that has long passed and this calm feeling exists within you for that person...and I truly believe it comes from knowing them inside and out, building a relationship, opening up, and creating an incredible bond together that ties you emotionally, mentally and physically.

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