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my friend's boyfriend doesn't like me

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I'm not sure why. A friend of mine- her boyfriend doesn't like me.


I only met him a few times and granted I was probably a little intoxicated (not the best introduction I know). He is very sarcastic and never smiles or seems to have fun. He is so passive aggressive and a bit possessive and appears to not like it when his girlfriend goes out and has fun without him. Of course I never say this to her nor him.


So she and I went to a concert yesterday and came back glowing and met him for a drink and shared how much fun we have. He just kept making sarcastic (but not in a funny way-more mean-spirited) comments every minute almost insulting to me. Finally I just said jokingly and laughing back "well. enough of this. I will not accept this behavior." I was a bit drunk, but I promise my tone was more cutesy and not angry nor mean.


Then he got passive and angry at me and said he wanted to leave. This is a guy who is 32 years old. So my friend was confused and said "I'm so sorry. Not sure what's up with him."


Then I get a text from friend after saying "sorry about that. weird you guys just don't get along."


It's so strange. I hate conflict and I would apologize if necessary. I feel bad because I really like my friend and want to get along with both or at least be on okay terms. He doesn't have to like me, but just be cordial. How do I make amends? I really want to fix this.

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I think you are being too kind to his feelings honestly. If your friend is happy, he isn't abusing her, and it isn't affecting you and your friend's relationship directly.. I would probably just avoid him and ignore it. I understand the need/want/desire to amend someone's behavior and thoughts of you when you have no reason to dislike each other, but if he is acting this way I wouldn't really care or worry too much, if you know with honesty that it is unwarranted.

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What NJ said.


I have nothing but contempt for my best friend's boyfriend, and I know he feels royally threatened by me and therefore I am not exactly his flavour of the month. But we are spotlessly civil to each other whenever we absolutely have to be in each other's presence. We don't need to like each other or get along or any of that. I am comfortable with the idea of thinking that he is a schmuck until he finally goes away.


Stay classy. Water off your back.

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