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I can't shake this.


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I really can't get out from under. I am so lost.


Growing up, I never really got a fair shot at love. At age 4 I was sexually abused by a family member my mother let stay with us. At age 12 My mother passed away. My Dad remarried before my Moms death to this lady that had a strong dislike for me and put a wedge between my relationship with My Dad and now, My Father Passed away two months ago, before my 21st Birthday. I AM NOT feeling sorry for myself, but I get so jealous when I see people my age with a loving and caring Father or Mother. I live with my sister and she cares, but it's like I NEVER got to have a full mother-daughter relationship and nor did I have one with my Dad. I AM NEVER GOING TO BE LOVED. That's how I feel. And the people that I love have more important people that they love. I have no shot at being cared for. I am lost.

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i kinda know exactly how you feel- my parents split up when i was way young, my dad is absent, my mum is emotionally wrapped up in her own woes.


I survived though.Think the fear that you will never be cared for is never quite gone but welll, we still have to go on....

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