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Hi Everyone Im In a good relationship and Love my boyfriend so much the thing is he does work alot as he has 2 jobs one in the day from 8 till 5/6 pm and one in the night from 6 till half 10/11pm on week days but on the weekend he works in night job in the day aswell on weekend sometimes from 10am-10:30pm and sometimes that can be on both saturday and sunday or just on a saturday but i just feel as though i never see him and when i do see him hes too tired to do anything with me I ask him to do nice things with me or for me he wont do anything romantic he says he doesnt know how to its getting me down but i love him too much to leave him as been with him nearly 3 years. Just wondering does anyone have any ideas that i can say to him?

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Gosh, he does work a lot!


Does he have debts he's gotta pay or what?


I think a bit more time with him is not too much to ask for. No wonder he is always tired.


You say he says he doesn't know how? how to be romantic?


I think you are going to end up quite unhappy, or your already are, because this guy works A LOT. It's a wonder he has any time to see anyone, let alone you.

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if being romantic just isnt his thing, then you cant do anything. ive been there. it sucks, but there is nothing to be done about it.


if you know that is not the truth, and he is capable of being romantic, i suggest you talk to him. say something like... i know you work hard and we have been together a while but id really appreciate if we could both try and remember to treat each other special, even when things are busy. i think we should set aside 2 hours a week where we do something fun or romantic. do you think we could do that?


start there.

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Hello thank you for all your replies. they are very helpful I know i am very unhappy he just doesnt understand he just says i dont appreciate what hes working for and i do im just left alone all the time but im going try talking to him again but he did say last night he has to do something to cheer me uo because he doesnt want to lose me.

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i think thats very sweet og him to say.


i do know how youre feeling. i dated a guy for a couple years. great relationship overall. i started feeling un-special to him. he would never compliment me or do anything special. meanwhile everyone elses guy would send them flowers from time to time, or buy them concert tickets, or plan a night out on their own... something sweet an unexpected. i knew he loved me very much but he just didnt get how to be sweet. well, we broke it off and he came back months later a changed man, but it was too late. i didnt love him anymore. its very sad actually, we would have been very good together for the long haul. dont let that happen to you guys.


also, some men feel the need to be the traditional role as bread winner, maybe to him, all the work he puts in is his way of showing you he cares, but it still doenst matter if you are feeling sad. i hope he can make the needed changes.

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