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She is leaving the country tomorrow


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This is a spin off from this thread: which was about getting her stuff back, and now this is about my current situation.


Dropped off her stuff at her parents' place. She kept texting and emailing me for a week and half asking for her stuff cuz she's leaving the country tomorrow, but I didn't respond to any of em. I emailed her giving her the option of going to the park and meeting me there wed night, but not to respond to the email and just to either come or don't. She emailed me back anyway telling me to drop off stuff (which I was doing anyway). I left a note with her things saying that my offer stands for every night til she leaves, so I've been going to the park and tonight will be the last night.


While I ultimately do want her back, I don't want to try and win her back right now even though I would like to leave an impression on her without pushing her away even more, so just wanted to get some opinions/experiences on this. She is very into astrology and is a true Aquarius, so I'm trying to be careful. I have remained in NC even though she has texted and emailed me in a somewhat friendly but cold and bs matter.


I also would like to know what you guys would do if she does not show up tonight. I am prepared and am ok with whatever happens. The note was the only implication that I would be at the park every night until she left. She will be gone for the next 3 months and I'm afraid that she may think I let her go too easily.

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Yeah I said I dropped em off at her parents'. I've been trying to refrain from contacting her which I think was the best thing to do because she's the one that broke up and wanted space. Don't know what's gonna happen tonight and am trying to figure out if not doing anything if she doesn't show up would make it seem like I'm letting her go too easily.

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Well she's gone. While I was hoping we'd get the chance to have a good talk (the first talk after the breakup doesn't count because I was too emotional) I bid her a last min farewell so that she could go on good terms. Texted her goodbye and told her that if anything came up, that I just may be around the park that night. She was just about to board the plane at the time, but I went anyway. The night before, I texted, asking if we could say goodbye, but she didn't want to. She was annoyed and cold partly because she was reading me wrong and partly because I still had two dresses of hers that I forgot to include with her stuff which I wasn't aware of until I saw em hanging in my closet. She was also annoyed that she had to keep asking for her stuff back, and that I did not respond to any of her messages regarding that. I was simply trying to remain out of contact even though my intentions were to drop off her stuff sometime last week and wad disappointed that she couldn't trust me enough to do that.


Anyway, I'm still debating on whether or not I should start a thread about the relationship because I am mentally exhausted and need to concentrate on myself although it's possible a lot of people could benefit from the thread. It's been a very difficult month and half because the only person that I could relate and connect with is gone, but I am coping fairly well.

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