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Friends that hate good news


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They don't sound like really good friends at all in my opinion. It seems as if they're more concerned about their own well being and not yours, especially if they don't care enough to contact to see how you're doing when you're happy (I assume). And if they brag about their own lives instead of counseling you and your own problems, then I think the answer is pretty clear that those two aren't good friends, if they're even friends at all.

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Answering machine, leave message, nada!


That is pretty lame. Are they like this to others too or just to you? If it's the latter then you might wonder what you've done to make them dislike you so. But if it's just how they are to everyone, then yeah, they're the type to enjoy others' misfortunes and you can get new friends.

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I totally can relate to you here. I just posted a thread about how i should go about getting away from these kind of friends because I'm in the exact same boat as you & frankly I'm quite sick of it.


My friends are more than willing to talk when they have issues, but as soon as I bring something up that I'm excited about they just give me short answers like " oh cool " they show NO interest in my life what so ever and I'm so sick & tired of it.


I would say that these DEFINITELY arent good friends, but as far as how to get rid of them without being overly dramatic about it I still don't know I hope it improves for you though.

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