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Hi you guys it CoCo again

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Aww I'm sorry.

Believe me I want to as well.


I'm having a difficult time this week. I hate PMS.


Anyway, you just have to ignore that "nagging" feeling that you need to contact him.


It's hard believe me.


And it may get harder on some days, and on some times.


But at least give yourself a month without breaking contact, and then if you must send a text, and can't help it--then be prepared for him to be cold.

But sweetheart it's only been a few days.

not to mention he was extremely dysfunctional and you do not need to apologize to him for anything.

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No I don't, I'm trying to work through this for the last time. No looking back.....I just feel like I wish that I could have made it work. We seemed to want this so bad..I just wasn't happy. Nothing he did ever pleased me and it makes me angry with myself because I wanted to make it work yet nothing he did ever pleased me nothing. I feel like something is wrong with me. I hope I can make it through this without hating myself anymore than I already do. I need to love myself its so hard.

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