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New apartment won't allow pets.


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I just rented a place in D.C...I'm moving there in a month (I'm in Los Angeles now). So I really want to adopt a kitten. The place is a small building but the manager is on the first floor while I'm on the second floor. It's really nice and such a great area (adams morgan) that I couldn't pass it up.


Thing is, do you guys think I can sneak a cat into my apartment and the manager would never know? The owner of the apartment who I'm renting from said he doesn't care, and he told me management almost never comes up to check on you since a realtor company actually does all maintanence and stuff for you when you request it. Basically management is just there to look over the door and any problems, and its an older lady who I don't think would check.


Do you guys think its worth the risk? A lot of people I know do it, and to be honest here in L.A. my ex's cat would come over to my place all the time (we would sneak it in) and keep it for days without management knowing.


What I'm worried about is if its found out, I would have to take it back to the shelter (paying fees is the least of my worries considering how terrible it would be to abandon the kitty).


What do you guys think? Anyone with similiar experiences?

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I wouldn't do it. Go volunteer at a shelter and get some time with some furry friends that way. The apartment managment could kick you out for violating the terms of the lease not just make you get rid of it...then where would you be? Living onthe street with your car....not fun.

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I actually asked if I could have a pet, they said no then said "and if you had one we would charge you $10 for everyday you had the pet". So I figure they would slap me with like a $500 fee and make me get rid of it =(.


Still, what are the odds of them finding it? Its not like they can just waltz into my apartment. They have to give me notice, and I can just take it somewhere else and bring it back?

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Really would not risk it. Think of it this way: if they happen to discover the cat after six months, you have to get rid of a cat that you've developed a bond with, and the poor cat has to go back to a shelter. Plus, wouldn't you be on edge all the time that the landlord would show up randomly or walk by and hear a meow?


I think it would be really irresponsible as a pet owner to bring a cat into a situation where they could be taken away from you. In fact, if you went to a shelter and told them the situation, they probably wouldn't let you adopt the cat.

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The sad thing is how right you all are, and I know in the end I won't adopt one, but man that sucks, I really wanted to. I guess I'll live it out for a few months and see how it is. If management never shows up then maybe I'll give it a try. Especially if I have a friend who could cat-sit etc.. for me when I need it out of the apartment.

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No. You definitely should NOT get a cat! If you want a cat, find an apartment that allows pets. It's not fair to any pet you might adopt. Many places (especially on the East coast) require clearance from your landlord prior to adopting out a pet.


Not only would you be in violation of your lease if the cat was found, but animals are not disposable. You are making a commitment to any animal you adopt and by doing it on the down-low, you're pretty much sealing its fate.


Especially given how adamantly against it they were when you inquired, I would not risk it. While most cats are usually quiet, some are not. I have 3 cats and there are nights when they get the "kitty crazies" and it sounds like a herd of elephants running up and down the hall. How are you going to explain the 3 AM kitty crazies to your landlord who lives on the floor below? One of my cats is also a talker. He will have an entire "conversation" with me if I keep talking to him. My other cat likes to sit at the window and howl at the wildlife he sees. There's no way to insure that any cat you get is going to be quiet enough to not be found out.



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You'd be taking a big chance at being found out. There are other ways for the cat to be discovered than just the manager physically coming to your apartment - Cats really like to hang out in windows and look outside. Sooner or later your manager will spot it or some other resident will and may report you... not even maliciously, but more in a "Well, I want a pet and that person has one. Why can't I?" type of way. Or a neighbor could overhear meowing, etc etc.


If you didn't verify the pet policy before renting this place, I don't think you're at a good stage to adopt a kitty anyway since it comes off as an impulsive decision. Why don't you wait and move in one year to a place that accepts animals? Then you'll be secure and never have to put yourself or your kitty in a bad situation. It really wouldn't be fair to a kitty to put it into a risky situation where it might lose its home.

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And since cats are so incredibly curious... and are known to knock things over (some that have come crashing down) - how are you going to explain crashing sounds in your apartment when you aren't home? What if the landlord hears it, thinks that something terrible is going on and opens your door to check... only to find your kitty sitting there looking innocent?


There are a million reasons why I think you should NOT do this... and not a single reason why I think you should...

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I doubt they'd go for that if there are no other tenants who have that arrangement. There is likely an accross the board no pet policy for a reason.


How long is your lease? I think you should just wait it out, or find some way out of your lease. Then find pet friendly housing, and when you sign a lease, make sure it states that you can have a pet and keep a copy of your signed lease. That way, you can get a kitty and know that you won't ever be separated.


Sorry I know it's hard to wait, but you'll be so much better off if you do.

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In canada, its against the law to tell people no pets allowed.


Maybe the same rules apply in that state?


I personally love cats and their companionship......I would just take the cat and leave it in the apartment.....


Aw man.... yet another reason for me to move to Canada...

I always thought it was pretty messed up how many places ban pets. There is most definitely such a thing as responsible and CLEAN pet ownership.


All that said, I still cant recommend that you sneak a kitty into an apartment unless you are prepared to break lease and pay fees and move WITH that kitty to a new, pet-friendly place with him/her if you are discovered. Sure, you may not have to do that (could just find the cat a new home), but getting rid of him would most likely be totally heartbreaking. I know if I'd had to face that with my little boy.... I'd sooner have found a new place entirely.


Wait out your lease, THEN look into getting a new pet-friendly place. Either that, or find out the penalties for breaking lease versus being caught with cat and do it sooner.


On a interesting sorta related note - lots of folks in Japan have the same problem and a new sort of business has come about to help them get "kitty time" in: link removed


I'd just recommend volunteering for the SPCA or something as a cat socializer.

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Are you prepared to move rather than abandon the animal? If not, don't even consider such a thing. Most shelters require a letter from your complex or a copy of your lease that says cats are okay, and without that, they won't release an animal--and for good reason.


Think carefully, and don't make this about you--it's about the cat.

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In canada, its against the law to tell people no pets allowed.




Curious about your sources on that one. "No pet clauses" are completely legal, common and enforced in Canada. I do believe it varies by province though.

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OP- I know exactly how you feel! For years, my bf and I have longed to have a cat, but live in a no pets building. Now that we've bought our own place and will be moving in a month, cats are the first thing we want to get for our new place. I tried everything with my landlords, but to no avail. The rules are in place for a reason and it seems to me that the biggest reason to allow no pets whatsoever is to make sure that nobody tries sneaking in pets of any type. It wouldn't be fair to a pet to keep it in hiding all the time and to give it such an incertain fate. If you really hate the pet-free life, it's better to find a pet friendly place. We never did, because our apartment is beautiful and has been such a steal.

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I love my animals to bits there seriously like my kids and part of my family so I wouldn't rent a place like that. ide wait till I found one that was open to cats it would def be a deal breaker for me.


If you have already asked then yes they will be looking out for you to sneak one in trust me. And while they do have to give you notice of a inspection. They can also just knock on your door casualty too for some made up bs.


And if you forget to hide the kitty before you open the door your busted! my old apartment complex started to try to charge a "security" for each pet too. Like 500 bucks each cat or something nutty like that thats when I moved out!


My best advice you will def get lonely living totally alone if you can ide back out now...

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Curious about your sources on that one. "No pet clauses" are completely legal, common and enforced in Canada. I do believe it varies by province though.


From the Ontario Tenant's site


Q6: The landlord says I must either move out or get rid of my pet; Do I?

A6: Only if the pet is dangerous, causes allergic reactions or causes problems for other tenants or the landlord, must you get rid of your pet or consider moving elsewhere as per Landlord application to terminate tenancy based on animals.


Even if you signed a lease with a "no pets" clause, if the pet is not a problem for anybody they can not enforce it; such no pets clauses are invalid under the law.


You do not have to move or get rid of the pet unless the Board issues a written order to do so.




May a landlord refuse to rent to a tenant who has pets or smokes?


The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) does not cover individuals before they become tenants, so a landlord could refuse to rent on the basis of smoking and/or pets.


If a no pets and no smoking clause is written into a lease and the landlord discovers that the tenant has a pet and/or smokes in the rental unit, is this grounds for the landlord to evict the tenant?


A landlord cannot evict a tenant because they have a pet in violation of a "no pets" clause in the lease. The RTA does not address smoking. However, a landlord may have grounds to evict a tenant, either for having a pet or for smoking, if the pet or smoke damages the property or bothers other tenants.


Sorry - I should have stated that in ONTARIO, a landlord cant evict due to a pet (Same thing really LOL - ok, no not really)

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^^^ not to derail, but I believe that is an Ontario rule only. As I mentioned I think it is a province by province issue and most provinces can (and definitely do) enforce pet bans. But since the OP does not live in Canada it is a moot point.


So, I shall get back on topic. I don't think I would (or you should) risk sneaking an animal into a building where they specifically mentioned you cannot have pets. As others have mentioned it is not fair to the animal if you have to get rid of it and you could face eviction yourself. I think volunteering at an animal shelter would be a good way for you to get a chance to have some animal companionship for the time being and when your lease is up, look for an animal friendly apartment - just be ready to pay for it.

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I just can't find any animal friendly apartment in D.C. that looks like a decent place to live. 95% of the apartments here have a "no pets" policy, and the ones that don't are honestly rotting from inside and out. I just couldn't.


I guess I'll still try to convince my manager though. Man, why does life have to be so annoying, lol.

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