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how to thank friends


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Had been in a major automobile accident yesterday. the car got totalled. i got out with just a few stiches. two friends helped get me deal with the whole situation.


how do i say thank you to them. it really meant a lot since i was in complete shock yesterday.


should i take them for a dinner? cooke dinner for them when i am better. or should i buy some nice gifts for them. i want to do more than say thank you. one of those rare occassions when it really comes from your heart. i just want them to know that it really meant a lot to have them with me in this nightmare.


one of them is a really close friend. and the other one is someone i just hang out with every 3-4 month (not really close).

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It makes me really happy to see something like this Goes to show people aren't always taking things for granted. I'm glad you're alright!


I think dinner is unanimous all around. Home-cooked would be a nice touch if you can find out their favorite dishes.

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