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I want your HONEST opinions


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okay, so before this vacation, the winter semester was my first semester of freshman year in college. And, in college, as you know, many people were flirting. And when I ate in the cafeteria, girls I've never talked to or seen before just started flirting with me. talking and getting numbers and gettng all flirtatious. you guys think it's completely shallow right?? they didn't know me at all. They just took a glance of me and that's it... I've always taken time to date someone...... you know... before dating you have to know the person you're dating... anyway, do you think EVERYONE who flirts with strangers are SHALLOW? Because, that means they only go for looks..... doesn't it?? But i don't know... some of my friends who are really really deep and not shallow sometimes do that too. so what do you think?

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People are naturally drawn to attractive people, so it doesn't mean that they are shallow just because they flirt with you, it doesn't mean that they want to be in a relationship with you just yet... they may want to date you to get to know more about you.


There's this guy I know from my university, he's very attractive and girls will randomly ask him for numbers and take photos with him. Actually these type of people are harder to know, because they can probably sense that girls want something from them instead of being just friends. Same goes for some very attractive girls.

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To each his/her own.


I personally only flirt with intent


If I'm majorly flirting, it's a big deal, and it means that I'm very interested in getting to know you better... But my brand of flirting is bold then coy until he chases me down...


I think some ppl are just more outgoing/extroverted than others and I do not think that harmless flirting is shallow. Some ppl just like to do it more than others

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I approach because of shallow reasons (what else do I have to go on at this point besides their looks?) but I stay for emotional and mental appeasement.


I'd only consider it shallow if you were dating someone because of their looks (and didn't care for any other part of them) or if you measured a person's value based solely on their looks.

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