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masturbate before quickie?


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-Hey everyone, just a quick thought:


- My girly girl is coming home in about 6-7 hours and has already said she's going to "pounce" on me the second she walks in.


- I haven't seen her in a few days and I haven't done anything to myself since she left on her trip. So obviously a quickie seems to be in order ^_^


- Question is should I get the job done beforehand so I last longer for her in our quickie? I reckon I'd last 3-4 minutes of thrusting without me getting off beforehand.



- Thanks in advance!

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well, I was figuring since we both can't get our hands off each other, we would get a quickie out of the way, then I'd make dinner for her, and we'd shower before bed ..and go from there.


My main concern is the fulfillment she'll get from the quickie. I guess in my opinion, the fact that I want her right there and now is particularly arousing (we've done very few quickies)




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AMEN brother, yes clear dem pipes before you do the deed. lol


I've done it much times cuz I didn't want to disappoint. I mean we all aim to please and unfortunately we all aren't porn stars for a career.


I've also drank this... i forget what it's called now, but it originates from Jamaica. Its' urban tale is that will help a guy last longer. It's all psychological btw, if you truly believe in it, it will do the trick. Heck tell yourself drink pomegranate juice and it'll be your potion for endless love.


Btw, these are guy's secret so i'd advice not telling her, but if you, make sure it's done so she won't get upset. I know some women who will get offended, it's like cheating or something for some. XD

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