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  1. Well, imagine yourself actually calling her. How would you feel afterwards? The assumption is that you'll feel better. However, the fact remains that she isn't coming back. So you've just tricked yourself into short-term happiness followed by long-term healing. You'll end up adding weeks and months to your healing that could have been avoided. NC is the way to go. Trust me and SuperDave.
  2. Okay, i haven't read this whole thread, so i'd like to ask a question. What if she decides to call you after N/C? What should you do then? What if she tells me that she was wrong about it, and really misses me? Is it okay to accept her back then? or should i continue my N/C?
  3. hey man, i just read this post. I'm just like in your ballpark man. i can't believe i found someone with the exact same issues as me. This thread has helped a lot, and I'm wondering if people in this section will be able to help me get through my LDR break-up issues. -Jvc21
  4. so what are they called according to you?
  5. if i knew it, i wouldn't be asking for it.
  6. but that would be very difficult and tempting...
  7. i wish i could draw it, but basically it's a panties with a string ring that is conviently located towards a woman's clit. so you could insert a man's penis in it, and thrust through the ring while stimulating the clit. So you could basically have sex without the intercourse. It's better and more accessible than having the woman hold her hand down to cause the friction... anyone get where i'm going? -Jvc21
  8. well, we're not actualy into intercourse, but we both love the feeling of acting it out. we're just trying to make it easier for us; and this type of lingerie has interested me.
  9. - i was told that there was some women adult panties with a second hole to insert a penis that would stimulate a women's clit without having intercourse. (so basically, outercourse). - is this true? and if so, where can i locate this? - Jvc21
  10. all these suggestions are very helpful. Thanks all. Any more ideas are welcome; as i'm sure that the more options there are, the more fun we can have. -Jvc21
  11. - Hey all, just wondering the best way to do a handjob without having semen everywhere. We try to do it under my shorts but that becomes uncomfortable over time. We won't use condoms either since she doesn't believe it's a natural way to do it. Any suggestions? -Jvc21
  12. i suppose you're right, perhaps i'll set this aside for another year and see what happens. Anyone care to answer my side question at all? "And a side question; are there any good positions out there for non-pentatrive sex positions? We're not going there yet, but we love grinding with each other."
  13. well, i can tell she's comfortable with it, because i've flirted there numerous times, but she thinks it's just flat out wrong to do it before marriage. (perhaps i should have added that part)
  14. but all her so called 'peers' made her believe that you lose a type of virginity when we have oral sex. So i'm trying to convince otherwise.
  15. - Hey everyone. I need some opinions from all of you. My g/f and I have been going out for a little over 2 years now, and we've done lots of manual masturbation with each other, but she doesn't want to go go near oral stuff because she believes that people will think she will lose her virginity. We're pretty comfortable around each other and everytime i get near her vagina (kiss around it), she loves it so much and it's tempting to go further...but i hold back because i don't want to go against her wishes. So basically, is there a way where i can convince her of a positive oral stimulation session? And a side question; are there any good positions out there for non-pentatrive sex positions? We're not going there yet, but we love grinding with each other. Thanks all in advance. ~Jvc21
  16. - i know my g/f wasn't raped or anything of that sort, but i do now know that she tells me that foreplay isn't as powerful as getting to it right away; something that is quite the opposite of what i am. - Jvc21
  17. - i suppose, but i want to have a balance between her and myself... - Jvc21
  18. - hey all, quick question/thought. my g/f doesn't seem to like to be teased/have foreplay for very long; asking for it very quickly. I on the other hand, like to be on the slow side; handled very slowly and playfully. - how can i balance it out? i mean, i want to tease my g/f and make her beg for it at times, but she always wants it right away; often saying that it isn't as 'orgasmic' as if i did it quicker. - Jvc21
  19. - Hey all, I'm still kinda new to this forum and its seems like a great place for some great advice. -Anyhow, let's get to it. I've been with my g/f for almost 2 years. she's a year under me. i went off to a local college after i graduated and it worked out because she was in her senior year and we could hang out. -however, this fall she moved on about 150 miles away from me for college and we had a tough decision whether or not to being in a LDR. We both agreed that we would try it out and see what happens. and so far, it's been tough but doable. -i suppose you can say we had a fairy-tale relationship: no fights, other people were jealous of us, we had a good intimacy life, talked a lot, never got bored of each other...etc... it was an amazing relationship. -as a boyfriend, i would want nothing more than to see my g/f happy at all times. however, she keeps saying how hard it is to not see me anymore and hug me and stuff like that. and it hurts me a lot because it feels like i'm being torn into two: -i mean, one part says i should stay with her, because we're so into each other, and even talked about our future. On the other side, it hurts me to see her like this. -i guess the only variable i can give is that, while we were in highschool, i never really took our relationship like she did. I mean i was a 'perfect' b/f according to her, but sometimes i wasn't in-sync. But now, it's quite the opposite. We dedicated that we would talk to each other at 10pm since i have to get up early every morning. But she would not get to me until around 12-1am saying she's out with other people (which i'm not worried about or anything like that). she apologizes dearly, and it hurts me when she has to apologize for stuff like this. - sorry to be in detail, but it's important to me. basically, my question is should i continue this LDR, based on the facts given (i can clarify anything i might have missed out), or should i move on (i really want her to be happy, and i don't want to boggle her down) - thanks in advance, i hope to get some good advice/opinions. - Jvc21
  20. - yeah, but i'm looking more into secluded places...
  21. - basically yeah. We like our privacy, and it doesnt seem we can find places to enjoy that.
  22. - okay, maybe i didn't define fooling around; what i meant was some heavy petting with some oral action. - it would be nice not to be heard by others, since both of us like to express ourselves a bit.
  23. - i'm 19, she's just turning 18 in a month.
  24. - I'm going over my g/f's house next weekend, and we've decided to fool around that day. Except that her parents will be home and i'm on a budget for a room... - Is there a romantic place where we can enjoy pleasuring each other? The downside is that it has to be very secluded; like little or no chance of anyone noticing or catching us. And she's serious about that.
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