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I work with this beautiful girl - she dated a girl for four years (lived with her,they were going to get married, kids, etc.)


Her ex-girlfriend cheated on her and it was really an awful experience.


Anyway, they broke up and she's only dated men for the past year and a half and doesn't label her sexuality.


SO - the meat of it is that I am wildly and completely attracted to her. I had her over my house last night for the 3rd time until 4 am. We went in my pool and I told her I was attracted to her. I am very outgoing and bold as a person. Anyway, she was very giggly and girly about it - and let me get extremely close to her, our lips were centimeters apart for 3 hours but everytime i went in for the kiss she would turn her head and have a whole list of reasons for why we couldn't kiss.


1) we work 70 hours a week together.

2) she doesn't want a relationship (NEITHER DO I)

3) she doesn't know for sure what she wants yet.


so i'm hoping for your advice.


pursue her because i think she's incredible or walk away because it's too complicated?

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There's obviously something here. Your own personal lives may be getting in the way but for the hell of it, why not give it a try? You may not think you guys want a relationship, but maybe you're only looking for the right person to be in a relationship with, but all in all I think it's your choice

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