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In total shock . . . again


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I have thread below called In Total Shock. Thread is really good, and it has helped a lot. Today I realized it is really over thanks to a good post and I made peace with that and laid down for a nap.


After I accepted that it is over, I woke up just now and it hurts even worse than before. I think this is letting go but . . . oh does this hurts. This is crying worse than the first day. And loneliness that seems unbearable at the moment.


I am in a college town, and she is out of town and broke up with me LD and since it is summer there is no one here to talk to in person as all my friends graduated or left for summer and I haven't had so much as one hug from anyone since she left me and that is the worst part, feeling utterly and completely isolated and alone. But not entirely alone because even though she is gone from outside of me, inside it is all still there in vivid color, reminding me of my loss over and over and over.




I miss her, then I hate her, then I see something and I really miss us. That is what I miss the most is us.


I just a need a hug

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