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Faith and Positive Affirmations and help in healing

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I actually posted this on a thread when I meant to create a new topic. My oops!


I wanted to share something that I found on another site that really helped me. It is about attracting love and your soulmate into your life. How it helped me in healing was that it created even more love inside of me making me feel more loving in general and it also helped me to become very positive and excited about my future.


"It" is an mp3 that I started listening to this shortly after I held my little funeral and buried my last relationship. I listen to it as often as I can at night before I go to sleep and I think and visualize it other times as well. I also did and still do daily affirmations. And the most interesting part of all this is that I met someone a few weeks after I started doing this and the connection that I feel with this man on every level is simply amazing! We are celebrating our one month anniversary this evening as silly as that is however we both have said that it feels like we have known each for so much longer.


For those that believe in the law of attraction and powerful intentions, this is for you.


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If anyone is interested in my daily affirmations, I'd be glad to share those as well.

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