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  1. So I did and I met someone better 5 months later and now 9 months later, we are still going strong.
  2. It's been over a year and I have not heard from mine and I hope that I never do because I dont want or need the drama. I've moved on, found the love of my life and there is nothing that I have left to say to the guy. I never really loved my ex either but I was really fond of him. Looking back, the only reason I struggled with the breakup was because of how he handled things. nice guy but piss poor social skills...
  3. I think it is a bad sign that when two people have broken up and reconcillled more than once. Seriously once is bad enough. More than that and I think that both people have issues of some sort that need to be worked out individually before embarking on another relationship with anyone, especially the ex. For me, once is enough and it would take a special set of circumstances in order to reconcile. Quite honestly, I would have a very hard time trusting my ex enough and would probably be insecure in the relationship. That is not a good way to feel at all.
  4. nanana, You are close my heart girl and I'm trying in my own way to look after you. You would do the same for me. : )
  5. Not to be rude, but you have mentioned cases of very selfish dumpers coming back. If they left you, screwed around, are they seriously worth it? Does having these hedonsitic experiences somehow make them whole and perfect again? "Oh, honey, I didn't know what I had until I lost it." "Well my dear, then are you not too smart!" Come on!!!!! Feelings of wanting to reconcile oftentimes DO go away completely, especially after you move on and find someone better than your ex. Someone that is committed and doesn't need to feel the warm insides of another to be so.
  6. I've not read this thread but I thought the rebound was the man or woman that the dumper dated to get them through the difficult phase of healing, a human crutch, and when they are healed, they therefore don't need the relationship anymore. In most cases, when a dumper leaves the relationship it is because it has been a process. Their next relationship is not a reboound, just an aspect of moving on without you because they don't want to be with you anymore. Of course having someone makes the transition a little easier for them but they unlike the dumpee, don't need a crutch. I think if dumpers come back or react differently at NC, it is because they are simply missing what is familiar. Doesn't have anything to do with love but they might sometimes mistake it for love. They come back and leave you again in many cases.
  7. Well beyond the 8 weeks here but the end of my story is this: I've met someone that I feel is a much better match for me, open, honest, doesn't hold anything back and ready for something that lasts a lifetime and not afraid to take a chance. It could be that I never have to go through another breakup again. Who knows what the future holds but I'm happy, really happy.
  8. This NC is no longer a challenge for me. I have no desire to contact him, probably because I have no desire for being completely ignored. I'm happy to announce however that today completes four weeks of NC!
  9. If he cares... Some don't. Mine didn't but of course, I emailed him about a half a dozen times during that time...
  10. Everytime I see a thread like this I'm going to remind everyone that the chances of successful reconciliations are slim. Sure you heard about so and so but if you do a search here for success stories from ENA posters, you are not going to find much. People say that is because people don't come back and post about it. I highly doubt that because that is the most important thing to share with other ENA posters that have gone with them through the breakup and the healing. I'm a hopeless romantic but I'm also a realist. You will be better off if you squash that hope you have like the pesty little bug that it is, the one that interferes with your healing the most and move on.
  11. Jenna, Time, distance, and space, all good stuff!
  12. Well not that I was ever hoping that I would reconcile with my ex, was hoping that I would be able to reconcile my issues with him regarding the breakup but have completely given up on that happening. And this coming Wed. will be four weeks NC for me! They say time flys when you are having fun and I've been having fun. Also when plan things in the future to look forward to, it is hard to look to back. Glad to hear your doing better squirl! ((hugs))
  13. dcgirl, Hummm, I'm not sure how that works you being the dumper for any other reason unless you are wanting commitment and gently to the dumping. And I apologize but I don't know a lot of your relationship history.
  14. I never followed this challenge though I am the one that posted it. I guess that makes me a sham. My take is 8 weeks from no contact, not break up. But at three months, no matter what has happened, it is over. Quit hoping, try and let go and move on.
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