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Dissertation Motivation


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Hi people


I am struggling to find motivation to complete my Masters thesis. I have already left it too late, with 2 months to hand in date. It really grinds on me that I am not doing it. Its a really big weight on my shoulders that I constantly feel, but I still don't do any work on it. I know its massively important to do, but still no action is taken, or not enough action. I have already done a dissertation, and I am quite sick of education at this point, but I know that if I just put my head down for 2 months straight, I can get a good grade and then will be relatively well set up in the world. So why am I not doing it?! Why am I not putting my head down?! Its like I know what I SHOULD be doing, but I don't ACTUALLY do it!



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hi - i am in a similar position as you, finishing my PhD dissertation. it is a pain in the ass. i totally related. I'm also in a dissertation support group and that is helping a lot.


things they recommend: make a weekly schedule, and fill out blocks of time where you will work on your dissertation. many people in my group choose to have a day as a free day to spend having fun. but, they also choose chunks of time where they will go to the library and work.


also, cut things up into small goals. like set a goal that this afternoon, you will do the figures for chapter 1 and you will have an outline for this section. etc...


you may also want to work backwards. if you want to finish in 2 months, what needs to be done by certain times to make that happen?

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