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Hey all, so, me and this guy have been best friends for almost 4 years now.

We never had a fight, ever.


Lately things are a bit tense. And a few nights back we got into an argument, the subject doesn't really matter it was just really unimportant and silly.


Anyway after a while I was just agitated and I left kind of angry. But now I'm just stuck with this crappy feeling.


I am thinking about just calling him and just hang out or something but my pride is getting in the way, why should I make the first call? Any help?

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Hahaha, no, definatly nothing romantic, I'm male by the way (not gay). We know eachother 4 years now and hang out alot, he's just my buddy to go out with and enjoy the single life ^^. Although I admit we do seem like a married couple sometimes

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