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Did I do the right thing?

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Well, i let myself blow up. For those who read my previous thread me and my ex got in a little argument and it ended with her saying "talk to you tomorrow bye". I texted her today around 7 or so and i asked if we could talk and she said yes and i said id call around 10, so i call at 10:10, no answer, called a few more time and left 2 texts. This is usual for us, she does the same to me. I get a text from her saying "wow calm down. i was my ****ing cousins house. sorry i didnt have my damn phone. i ave t oget up early." i asked her to please talk to me, and she said "well answer your phone", i asked her why shes so mean and she just said "idk" and like how its annoying when i call like that and * * * * , and i asked why she still contacts me everyday and she goes "i have no one else to talk to" and im like is that the only reason? and shes like "idk" and i was just like "im gonna go" and i hung up. was this good on my part? i hate when she does this, bc she just acts like this and always right when im ok and dont contact her she comes crawling back.


ive been so unusally paranoid recently, and i have no idea why. i think the craziest thoughts. i need some help

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If you feel good about yourself then you did the right thing. If you feel disease than there are things you could have done better.


Like most of us you are probably pretty conflicted about what you really want, i.e. do you want to split for good or not? Once you are sure about that, then and only then you can look at each action you take and be able to judge whether it got you closer to your goal or not. Don't beat yourself up if you backslide, just chalk it up to experience and don't repeat the mistake if it comes up again....


And keep in mind that my post is the blind leading the blind, lol. I need help too!


Warm regards

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