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What should I do?


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I just stumbled accross this site and I am desperate for some advice.


I was in a relationship for about 3 years before he broke up with me. I was devastated because I believed that he was “the one”. About two month later I joined an online dating site. I don’t interact with many men in my day to day life so I figured online dating would be a good way to meet people.


About a month ago I meet a guy, let’s call him R, on the dating site and decide to meet him. By this point I had been single for 5-6 months. For about a three weeks we kept meeting up, going on dates, and things seemed to be going well. But suddenly I started to freak out. I come to the conclusion that I was not yet over my ex.


I texted R and told him that I was not ready for a relationship, that I didn’t want to lead him on, and that he was a really great person. He texted me back but I didn’t read it because I felt that whatever it said I was start feeling guilty and continue to date him even though I was not emotionally ready.


It has been a week and a half now and the whole time I have been wondering if I made the right decision. Part of thinks I did but the other part is wondering what would have happened if I had continue the relationship to see what happened.


I have been considering contacting him and asking him if he would like to try again. He really is a wonderful person and we had a great time when we were together. I may have blown my chances with him but I will never know unless I try right?


Has anyone ever been in a situation like this?

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But the question is, are you over your ex?


He may be nervous and hesitant to try again for fear of you doing the same, and by you not even seeing what he replied back...you defiintely just left him hanging and essentially just walked away...not a good impression.


It's entirely upto you if you want to contact him agian, because he may have made a decision to move on, given the way you ended things...but I think the larger question here..is are you really over your ex? It is not fair to try it again with this guy if nothing has changed with you.

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