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My ex boyfriend from 5 yes ago is my best friends brother- weird situation please help

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Ok this will be a ling story but I wil try cut it down, I just need some ones opinion from the outside.

My best friend and I have been friends since we were 13. I started dating her brother who was a few years older than us when I was 16.

We were together until I was 20.

He was jealous and I wanted to party and all that so I said we will have a break. I still loved him I just wanted some space being a 20 yr old..

We said No sleeping with other people but have a break and hang out with our friends for a little bit, anyways he slept with one if my friends and I told him to get lost!!

I still had to see him every now and then when it was my best friend ( his sister) birthdays, etc he got a new g friend for a few months who was into drugs and didn't show up fir his sisters 21st because apparently the girlfriend didn't want to go because I was there.

Anyways that was 4yrs ago!! I have still had to see him and he is usually really rude still or will totally ignore me, or sometimes will make cruel jokes...

My best friends wedding is coming up and we are in the bridal party coupled

up!! Awkward!! His hole family thinks we will get back together. I feel like he

loathes me and don't know why when he slept with my friend and was

horrible to me for years!! I think I still have some feelings there and fort: years after I wanted him back but knew I couldn't.. I don't get it, sometimes I

wonder if he still has feelings for me coz he will just come along to so

something me his sister and her partner are doing, I don't know if maybe they

try set things up??? We have both had shirt relationships with other people but never serious ?? I'm 25 now and wondering why I haven't had another realationship?

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