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Straight guy, gay club.


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I apologise in advance, as this or similar topics have probably been discussed to death on this site. But I needed some quick opinions before I visit the land of nod for tonight.


Basically, tomorrow night (Friday), it's some bloke at works leaving do. A lot of people from my work are going, including my department, who want me to come along. It's always a really good night when I'm out with my department (who coincidentally are all women).


My only issue is that the place where the leaving drinks are happening, is a gay bar in the west end of London. Or it used to be a gay bar at least, it's now re-branded itself as a 'metrosexual' bar. So I'm a bit hesitant to say the least.


My question to you all is, have any of you ever had any success at pulling women in a gay club? Does the relaxed atmosphere relax the women a little? And as I'm quite an attractive bloke, will I be constantly be bothered by men?


Cheers in advance!


(ps. If I came accross ignorant at all in that post, my apologies. I did not mean to)

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The answer to both of your questions is probably "Yes".


Yes, gay bars have been known to be a good place for straight guys to meet women. There are usually a good amount of women there, depending on the bar, and not exactly lots of straight male competition. Plus, being a gay-friendly straight guy is usually seen as a good thing.


And yes, speaking as a gay man I can tell you that if you're 1) attractive, and 2) in a gay bar, then you'll probably get hit on. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. You'll just need to politely turn people down. Just take it as a compliment and move on.

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I had some friends that swore by this gay bar. They had a straight night and thats when they would go. These guys were not gay at all, and it caught me off guard a bit since they are all very masculine and kind of knuckle heads. I went once and it wasn't weird at all. Everyone was hella cool. Going out with a group of all women, I like your odds. It also makes you stand out more and more approachable to women outside of your group. Even if you do get hit on, at least you'll have an appreciation for what women deal with.

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