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Just need a little advice...


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So I got into a DUMB fight with my boyfriend on monday. He ignored my calls for a for hours but we eventually talked without much resolution. I was really upset and told him to call me when he figured out what he wanted. There has been no contact since then. Today I wrote him that I missed him and hope we could talk soon.


No response....that was four hours ago. I know it's not that long, but I just get SO stressed when I'm in rifts with people.


I hate that about myself. My mood is so dependent on how my personal relationships are going. I feel anxious if I THINK people are mad. When my best friend caused (truly, her fault in a drunken rage) a fight between us and I had to reexamine our friendship.... the entire month to 1.5 months I was SO stressed about it.


i know it's because I care for these people, so it's not necessarily a bad thing, but it is when it adversely effects me.


How can I not let it affect me so much?

What should I do with the bf situation? I just feel like... if he doesn't want to do this anymore then I want to know immediately so I can just shut myself off...


Thanks for listening, I am feeling pretty lonely at the moment.

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cognitive.... i tried sending you a PM but for some reason it won't go thru. I am really paranoid about posting on here. can you PM me your email and I can send you what I wrote? I would really appreciate your advice...


Hey, already PM'd you. All three of your messages went through. But, I didn't have time to send anything back until today. Sorry. Did you get my message I just sent?

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