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Contacting me...what does it mean?

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Hello out there,

I could really use some insight from anyone...especially though from a woman't perspective.


I violated my girlfriends trust by communicating with another woman online for several weeks. I ended it with the woman and deleted all messages and pictures. My girlfriend however, saw the pictures of the girl and messages I had sent her. Of course, she was devastated and ended things. I completely understand and make no excuses for my behavior.


She is in London - yes...we've met several times and were talking of getting married. Not now of course. On my part, I have been applying the no contact rule to things. However, she contacted me a 1 week and 1/2 ago and then called me this morning. Both times she says she is calling to see see if I"m o.k. and how I"m doing.


Can someone explain to me why she is calling. Is this a sign that there is hope to repair the damage and that there may be a future for us? She is a very strong woman so I am frankly surprised. She has told me that we can only be friends. I know every relationship is unique, but I'd really welcome some advice and insight into maybe where she is coming from. Thank you.



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No guarantees but she is probably calling to very tentatively start a conversation. I recommend telling her that you are OK although very much regret the behaviour that caused her to leave you and wish you had a second chance.

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