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more problems... i don't even know why i try to figure it out


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we broke up now were getting back together. he's been acting really weird. alot of times i don't know where he is and he tells me he is with one of his freinds. he said he is caught up in something. that when i broke up with him it was really bad. he has always been in trouble so i asked, he said no not police trouble but i'm wondering what he means.

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Ah. So you think maybe he found someone else and is now trying to end it with her gracefully. Well, are you okay with that?


Maybe you should tell him, "Let me know when you've got it worked out with this other broad, then we'll pick back up"?


It also sort of sounds, from the title of your thread, that you are fed up with breaking up and getting back together with this guy.

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