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Getting calls from strange numbers


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I have no idea where to post this at, so i apologize in advance mods! Anyway, for the last few days I've been getting calls from these weird phone numbers. When I try to call them back, it says "this caller isn't accepting calls" or "that it's not a working number" . I thought it might have been telemarketers at first, but when this person or people call, they'll be laughing or saying stuff i can't understand bc of how fast they're talking. I did some research on how people could possibly change their number to show up as something else to harass someone, and these two sites kept coming up : link removed and link removed. This got me to thinking, and i THINK i might have an idea of who could possible be doing it. Has anyone ever heard of these sites? If so, is there anyway I could maybe block these calls? I have no idea what to do besides change my number, which I don't want to do because all of my clients have my current one, so i wanted to see if this could be solved first. Thanks for the advice in advance people!

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If it's constantly coming up a different number, I doubt there's anything you could do.


Before you jump the gun though and assume it is from someone you know, telemarketers DO also use this technique(as you said). However, they are usually looking for your voicemail and won't speak/advertise when you pick up. I get weird laughs, foreign language, and total babbling nonsense when I pick up those kinds of calls.

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1) Scam. Sometimes, owners of pay-per-minute numbers will cold call and hang up. When you call back or text, you're charged. Best option: Ignore. They can't charge you if you don't respond.


2) Prank. STUPID KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN. Best option: Ignore. Eventually they'll go away.


Best option in either case? Ignore.

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