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very very hurt

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hey guys so today was pretty much a random day..me and my really good friend kyla have been distant for a couple of months, i dont really know why but she has been staying away from me...a couple of months ago we all went away for my bday and we were all hanging out at the hotel and this club and having a great time, i was really happy cause i am very introverted and shy and really never celebrate my bday so it was a big deal to go somewhere and do a hotel thing with my friends for my 23rd bday. It was me kyla her sister her cousin and my other friend from college katie, kyla has been my friend since we were 15. i know her sister and her cousin but we are not close and i dont really click with them that well but i felt kinda bad to say no they cant come cause everytime me and kyla hang out she asks me is it ok if i bring my sister and my cousin and i guess i dont have the heart to say no, or she will be like hey my sisters coming so i'll see u soon ,even when i specifically ask her if we can meet up for coffee just us to talk, she doesnt really ask me and just kind of assumes its cool ALL THE TIME. Her sister is a nice person sometimes but is very mouthy meaning if she gets into an issue with someone she makes a scene calling them a * * * * * and a * * * * * and all these horrible names or if my friend kyla gets into a fight with her friends her sister takes it upon her to include herself make it her businesss and cuss that person out when really she shouldnt cuase she doesnt know whats going on, and i dont like that so i dont like to be around her. At the club me, kyla and my other friend katie went outside to smoke and we were all drunk and laughing and talking and flirting with some guys - my friend katie was laughing and something like yea shes just mad cause no guys are grinding up on her she was talking about some girl we had seen int he club who looked kinda upset - for some reason i dont know if kyla was mad or drunk o deaf! but she was laughing too and then when we went back into the club she went to her sister and her cousin and was talking to them. after that they ended up leaving us me and my friend katie at the club and just went back to th ehotel they ddint tell us they just left and i saw them leave. i was upset so when we went back i figured i could talk to them and see if they were ok..they ignored me and my friend all night and brought a guy back to the room which i was upset about cuase we didnt know who he was. so the whole night they ignored us and then the next day me and katie drove back home in our car and them in there car. i tried to talk to her about but she ignored me for 2 months..and i never knew y? i didnt know what happened or anyhting i cried that whole night cause my bday just felt ruined. two months later we went out to the gym me and kyla cuase we work out together and all of a sudden she stops coming and i was like hmm ok she send me a text saying i dont like how you are around katie and i dont like that katie is a * * * * * and talked * * * * about my cousin and i was like what?> she never did that shes not the type i was like when did she say this? and shes like when were smoking? i was like what? so basically she thought katie when katie was talking about that girl inb the club she assumed for some odd reason we were talking about her cousin so she ran into the club told her cousin ruined my bday and decided to ignoe me for months. i thought this was really stupid and said that she was wrong but she didnt want to hear it. eventually two more months passed and we met up and hung out we went to dinner me and kyla and i gave her her bday present and she seemed happy we didnt really talk to much about what had happened but we let it go, recently on facebook i had seen her writing things like im not surprised u have no true friends or something like some ppl are so stupi dthey write things then erase it off facebook cause they dont have the balls to keep it up?, and i knew that had to be me i was taking a chance but i knew it was me cuase i had just deleted of her wall what i had wrote and it said hey stranger im mad at u i deleted that. out of no where her sister writes on my wall "oh raina you noe who the fool is? its you ur the * * * * ing fool jokes on u * * * * * better watch what u say u mother * * * * er just remember you hit me we hit u back* and im like WHAT? and im like why is she mad this is between me and her sister but i mean nothing even happened she never told me why she was mad or anything so i was angry and wrote yea some ppl are fools so maybe thats why she sent that to me? but why is her sister saying that to me? i called my friend and her cousin picked up saying shes busy and cant talk when i saw some hateful texts on my cell i didnt recognize the number so i called it back and it was her sister she didnt answer either i just left a msg saying i didnt know what was going but that she should mind her business and that if kyla is mad at me for something she should talk to me about it instead of having you say such horrible things to me i really felt bad she sent me a text thens aying you have no * * * * ing balls grow up and stop hiding behind a computer i was like im not hiding im calling u? but u wont answer so arent u hiding frrom me? so she continued to send me these msgs my friend kyla never called me i dont know what happen but i am at the end of my rope and i have lost respect for kyla that she got her sister or even let her talk to me that way and i DONT EVEN KNOW WHY SHES MAD OR WHAT HAPPENED OR WHAT I DID AND SHE WONT TELL ME??..i left a msg on her sisters phone cuase it was the only one i could get through to and said i didnt understand what happened but im just done cause i dont know what to do and i dont like being spoken to this way and i told her she needs to calm down cause she has no idea how anyone feels. am i wrong? or is my friend wrong>? well im compltely done with this relationship i guess im just hurt that i got attacked this way today..sorry for how long this is but i really need someone to talk to i feel horrible right nowthanks for ur time...


sincerely raina

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It's very sad how things turned out and it's awful how they have been behaving.


Perhaps somebody got jealous or maybe it was all a misunderstanding, you clearly did everything you could (and probably more) to try to save the friendship but if Kyla is being immature and allowing her sister and cousin to insult you then you shouldn't continue to try to talk to her.


Ignore and block them all, if they keep sending nasty messages tell them you're going to report them for harassing you but don't say anything else and don't reply to their insults.


You'll have many more friends, don't worry.

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thank u cuppedia..i havent contacted my friend since then its just odd that out of this whole thing i never knew my friend was mad at me and she hasnt said anything i only found out cause her sister swore at me and sent me horrible msgs...in the end i guess shes just a coward..i dontlike people who talk through others...i think i just never knew her its sad though for me to think this is how a 10 year friendship ended this way but i cant respect her for not even talking to me..out of this whole thing i never heard her voice once..

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