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There's this girl I've been interested in for awhile now. She's been texting me alot and wanting to hang out with me. Yesterday she asked me to come hang out with her at her house with just me and her and I stayed for about 8 hrs. Everytime we watch movies and whatnot she always leans her head on my shoulder and tries to get close to me. I took it that she liked me so today I asked her out on a date. She said yes, but she also said she's not sure she's ready for a relationship. What does this mean? TIA

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I don't doubt that she likes you, but a girl saying up front that "she's not ready for a relationship" is a warning sign. The why isn't important, it's the fact that she said it. If it's because of time constraints, know that people will make time for someone else if they want to. She's telling you that she doesn't want to, but is framing it as if she's unable to.


Listen, even if you think you can handle getting to know her and dating her without working toward a relationship, you're going to fall for her. And when you do, she's going to say "but I told you in the beginning I wasn't ready for a relationship!"


Basically you'd be walking into heartbreak with your eyes wide open, and you want and deserve more than that. If you proceed, be very careful with your heart.

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How long have you known her, and been hanging out with her?


If you haven't known her long and recently started seeing her, then I'd just go out with her anyway. Just forget what she said and play it cool always, keeping things light and fun. Avoid getting into talks about relationships at all, as you two are nowhere near that stage. It just takes so much out of the romance when serious talk comes early. If she tries to tell you again that she's not ready for a relationship, laugh and say no problem at all and continue to go out with her, though not frequently. Remember to still treat it like a romance and not friends and slowly escalate to holding her hand and so on.

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