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relationship confusions...


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Very confused at the moment!


Basically, I was with my ex for about 2 and a half years from the age of 17 and he broke up with me just over a year ago. We remained friends despite me finding it incredibly hard, i put up with him because I couldn't deal with not having him in my life at all. We came to University together 2 years ago so still see each other a fair bit, plus he lives with one of my best friends. We go for drinks and meals at night together still, just the two of us, and recently they've been getting more frequent, about once every 3/4 weeks. I've had moments when I've told him that I still have feelings for him but this hasn't happened since about January now. We did have a moment in April however where we ended up kissing on a drunken night but afterwards I moved past it saying it was a mistake and we've brought it up just jokingly since.


Since him I've seen a couple of guys casually but that's all. One of these lasted from November until February time and was really just sex looking back now, and just fizzled out. I never really had any feelings for him. The other guy I met about a month ago when he asked for my number. I've seen him about 3 times since, only on nights out, when we've ended up going home together. I do like this guy but once again don't see it being serious. I find myself comparing him to my ex and find him quite immature and not that interesting when i'm sober to be honest. There were a couple of guys who have asked me out but I just simply haven't been interested.


One more guy who I met on holiday last August is also coming to see me in a couple of weeks. We had a slight holiday romance and I also went to see him after I got back. To cut a long story short I eventually found out he was lying to me about his ex-girlfriend and i cut off all contact for a few months. However recently we've got back to where we were last summer and I feel like I do want to be with him, apart from the distance.


I just don't know how I feel about my ex anymore and feel I'm finding excuses for reasons not to date or take anything further with anyone! Just any advice at all would be appreciated as I feel i'm at a dead end and going to reminiscing about my ex forever!

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Well...first off, if you're confused then dating right now shouldn't even be an option. You're first mistake was dating a bunch of guys to rid the pain of missing your ex. Second, was trying to compare him to all the guys that you have dated. It's like you're rating them based on you're previously long relationship. Going to the same college with him is going to make it harder to see the good in other guys because being around him is going always remind of the best times you had with him. So I would stop dating for awhile, and just start working towards what you really want in a guy.

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