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long distance, will it work?


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Hi, any feedback is appreciated here:


I'll try to keep it short - I've been in a relationship with my girl for 7 months now and this september she will be going to university for a year to finish her course. It is about 5 hour drive away.


We love each other, have an excellent sex life, get on very well and according to her friends she says im different to anyone else she has been with before. I feel the same way but just concerned about what this long distance could do to our relationship... And if anyone has experience this before...


I've sat down and talked to her about it, said lets have fun whilst we can for now, and see how it goes the first few weeks you go to uni. And to think of a plan to see each other over the weekend. However i know (having been at uni myself) for a fact, that you want to go out and have fun and time is not a luxury at university (especially when you're meeting new people every day)


Her previous boyfriend she dumped after 3 weeks when she was at uni, and that was cos he was constantly texting her, hurt her, and she didn't want that commitment, etc.


I want to know how to approach this, so i can give us the best possible chance of staying together when she goes away, thanks in advnce

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It can, and does, work... but it takes a lot of effort and a lot of planning. You need to sit down and talk about expectations (how much contact you'll have, how often you'll see each other) and how long the distance will be a factor. I think it's important to schedule set visits so you have something to look forward to and break the time up.

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I believe long distant relationships can work as long as both people are committed to making it work. Maintain some form or contact throughout the days you don't see one another and always plan ahead to be able to spend weekends together. It's a little tricky but it can definitely work.

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