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Is this a rebound or does he actually like her.?

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Okay so let me explain the story. Me and my ex. Dated. Fell in love. were eachothers first everything. from eachothers first love to... yeah you know. Anyways. We broke up in late march because he was confused, his friends were telling him to be single. When he was telling me this, he cried. I was the first girl he cried over. He was really embarrassed. Anyways. SInce then we didnt really stop hanging out/hooking up. My prom was may 8th and he was going to ask me out then, but then he chickened out. Again, he really wanted to be with me, just without a title and still have other girls. Yet i didnt think that was fair. Then he said we would get back when summer started. My birthday was June 2. He was going to ask me out on my birthday, but didnt because I had to leave. After that i heard he kept pushing back asking me out so he could hook up with other girls. it upset me so we talked and he said he really just wanted to be single.

WE talked the next day and he told me either we could be friends, or continue what we were ( basically friends with benefits) I was sick of it so I stood up for myself and I said neither, that both were hurting me.

That was June 5th. That night he met this girl. SHe had a boyfriend, broke up with him the following tuesday to hang out with my ex. His friends told me he really liked this girl and wanted her to be his gf. This upset me, so i asked him why he told me he wanted to be single, but now he wants to date a girl he just met. He said, " IDk i met her and things just clicked. i hate talking to you about this." Thats the last i heard from him.


Now last night he asked her out, they are together. She hasnt changed her fb status yet, it still says its complicated from her last boyfriend, but he has in a relationship. He set his status tonight as : Happy with my girl.


This upset me. I dont know if its a rebound since he jsut met her or if he really has true feelings for her. She is going to college soon 4 hours away so i dont think they could make it through that. He is still in highschool..

Also his friends told me how he wanted that new relationship spark again, so I kinda feel like that is what he is going for. They also told me about 6 days after he met her, he already was asking her when she would have sex with him.


What are your thoughts?


I also checked out this girls facebook. She has a new boyfriend like every month and says that she loves all of them.

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oh and ill add that I deleted him off facebook and his number, even though I have his number memorized. When i decided i couldnt even be friends with him, he said he really didnt want to lose me like this, he just didnt want a relationship. He said he still wanted to see me just as much ( almost every day) and that he still wanted to hook up with me, but i just couldnt do it. He had my jacket and had to give it back to me, and when he was going to he texted me, " I dont know why you would unfriend me on facebook...but anyways i have your jacket." I got it back, he gave it to my mom because I was sleeping. Anyways that was before he got this girlfriend! I guess im just rambling now.

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It doesn't really matter whether the girl s a rebound. It's time for you to move on. I know it sucks, but no one really breaks up with someone because his "friends" tell him to be single. He wanted some strange-- but he kept you strung along in case he didn't find anything. It hurts-- always so much when it's the first time. I know you probably feel crushed, angry, confused...


But you gotta move on and don't even think about what he did or why. Think about how you are going to be awesome and move on.

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It doesn't really matter whether the girl s a rebound. It's time for you to move on.


Totally agree. At this point, it doesn't really matter what exactly is going on in their relationship or even how much of a relationship it really is. You aren't in a relationship with him, and you deserve someone who is willing to be with you, proud to be with you, and not all wishy-washy just for the opportunity to hook up with other girls.


Find someone awesome to replace him. It's the best revenge you can get.

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