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Music and Drinking

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I'm gonna try to type as coherent as I can cause I am very drunk right now.


A few months ago a girl I was in love with broke my heart because she used, manipulated and lied to me for over half a year. I loved her so much that I would do absolutely anything for her. I don't know, maybe I still am in love with her.


I want to forgive her so much but she will not talk to me. I've tried but she won't. Getting on topic, there are some songs I can't listen to anymore because they remind me too much of her and I can't handle it. No matter what, if I get drunk, I can't stop thinking about her.


So many times I've wanted to hurt her like she's hurt me and I can get her fired, kicked out of college or disowned by her family but I can't bring myself to do it.


I've cried as many tears as I can for her but I still cannot forgive her.


I don't know, maybe I still love her, it's just getting really hard to deal with it. What can I do?


When I'm not drunk I don't care at all but when I am I can't stop thinking about her. I miss her, I love/loved her, I want her, I want to talk to her again and I don't know what to do.

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I know you probably want to hear more right now, but maybe you should give up alcohol or a while. Alcohol is a depressant- physically

and mentally. It usually amplifies any emotion you're having... So while people who have everything going for them may get giddy, if you have these unresolved feelings for her (love or not) the alcohol will continue to be poison for your brain.


I knew I was over my ex when I could dink again and have a good time.

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Never get drunk when you are upset over someone, it makes it worse.


I just don't do it anymore until I feel better, then I will have a good drink. Used to do this all the time. It's the next day thats the worse, when you wake up with a hangover and are faced with reality again.


Totally understand, and I think everyone does, about the music thing. There are songs that still give me a funny feeling even after years, because they remind me so much of past boyfriends and how hurt I have felt over them.


If she hurt you so much, you shouldn't want to speak with her. You are suffering from the rejection of it all and it's hard but keep it up, and stop getting drunk for now. x

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Agreed. Avoid alcohol. There is no point in making yourself feel worse. Other than that everything else you are feeling is perfectly normal ... the songs that remind you of her ... feeling that you are still in love ... all perfectly normal. Its impossible to switch our feelings off and to be able to fall out of love with someone just like that because they hurt us. It takes time to heal but heal you will, eventually. Just give yourself time and gradually you will start to feel better.

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