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Hmm.... Busy or not interested?


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So the guy from this thread: and I have been exchanging a few Facebook messages, and we've exchanged phone numbers and started making plans to hang out. He suggested a couple art exhibits to check out. I agreed and asked when he was free. His was reply was "the first two weekends of July". I was like That's over two weeks from now! Just seems a little, well, distant.


I've also noticed his messages are pretty quick and to the point. They're not very chatty and he doesn't ask any questions indicating that he wants to get to know me, aside from asking if I wanted to go to the exhibits. Of course, I know that could mean nothing, other than he's just not a chatty emailer.


He's a law student, and seems quite into his martial arts practice. I have no idea if he's also working or what else he does. So I get that he could be very busy... but geez, not one free afternoon for 17 days, eh? Do y'all think he's just not that into me? Too soon to say? Should I reply with a "Wow, busy eh?" type of comment and see how he reacts?

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I just ended things with a girl who I was dating for a month or so. Well, she brought it up, but I wasn't surprised. It ended because she wasn't ready to commit and and she was suddenly overwhelmed with being very busy. She basically said that she wouldn't be able to see me, anyway, for another 2 weeks. This was after not seeing me this whole past week, as well as her suddenly being very succinct and vague in communicating. Things were going great and then she just vanished.


That said, this may not be the best time for him to be seeing you. I don't know the whole story here, but it sounds kind of like my situation. Being busy isn't the issue, it's the timing of it. The things he has going on now is probably a much bigger priority to him than you, as harsh as that may sound. I just experienced it today and this past week. Reality can bite. If he's made it clear that he isn't going to make time for you, move on.


Just my two cents.

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