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Hes Confusing Me


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I have been enjoying my life as a single girl. It feels nice to not stress over some of the issues that came along with being in a relationship. Its just so much more of a relief when I compare it to being in my past relationship. Well recently i have been hanging out with a friend and their group of friends. One of the guys in that group seems to be giving off vibes as if he is interested in me but I am hesitant to say that because it could be all in my mind.I don't know him very well so I cant tell if its the way he is around all girls or just me. I will try and give some examples and if anyone could tell me in their opinion if this sounds like someone that is trying to pursue me or is interested in me at the least.


>When we are in the group he directs his statements at me. ex: "Oh Mcqueen002, this one time I...

>He waited for my friend to get out of the car and he asked for my number. The next night we all hung out and he invited me to see a movie at his place. He txtd me to make me aware he really wanted me to come.

>BUT he doesn't text me or call besides that one txt. I txd him and he answered back but he never initiates the txt.


I decided I would call him. He sounded happy and he dived right into conversation. We talked almost an hour without any pauses in between. I still haven't got a txt/call from him and I dont want to begin to feel like I'm chasing him so I don't plan to call/txt him anymore. I am just curious as to what could be going on in his mind.

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He just might not be a fan of texting or calling at all. I say give him one more chance. He made the first moves and initiated, I think he may also be trying to see how far you're willing to take it.


How did he act on the movie date?

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maybe he's interested, because he's done things that are above a friendly interest but the lack of follow through makes me think possibly he has a couple of 'interests'.


i don't think you could have anything to loose by going out with and then see how he treats you then. but personally i'd be reluctant to go to his for a movie, because in my experience with our age group that's always meant sex.

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Yeah at this point I'm thinking maybe hes trying to get with me. I almost want to find a way to get out of the movie night because I don't want him to expect more than I am.


sometimes honesty is really useful, if you have already agreed to this movie night could you ask straight up what his expectations are or tell him the limitations of yours?

another option would be going though with it but bringing along another friend.

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